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The Digital Agency.

Nextrithm – stylised as Nextrithm, the digital agency – is a collective of digital experts and collectives whose sole aim is to build awesome digital products, ranging from full fledged websites to apps to web applications. Web strategy, at its best, at the digital agency.


Digital Experiences.

We speak web. Period. This means that we build everything relevant to the internet. Ranging from socially capable websites and social media profiles to mobile and web applications. We even go so far to manage a company and brand's entire web presence.


At the Agency.

Learn more about the latest at the digital agency – and in the industry – by hopping over to the Nextrithm blog and getting a taste of the choicest bits. We often – hopefully – add updates, news and information on various upcoming events.




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Who we are
A bit about us, a digital agency, in case you've ever wondered.

Nextrithm has grown with the web, from a fledgling design boutique to web studio and, now, to a digital agency home to web strategists, designers and developers. We have seen trends come and go, and, unlike many, adapted to changes and advances in technology and design.

This has enabled us to grow and maintain ourselves at the 'cutting edge' of the technology. At the same, we have maintained our originality, our integrity and always impart a 'signature' quality to all the work we do. And, ensuring that we never compromise on quality.

We are proud of the fact that we handcraft each and every digital experience we build, leveraging the latest in technology, amidst an ever evolving landscape. To us, quality is paramount - we strive for perfection. To us, design is as important as is code, resulting in usable, beautiful and elegant digital products.

We have had the opportunity of working for organisations of all sizes - from startups to corporations to multilateral, world-spanning organisations. We, however, still maintain that honesty, intergrity and worksmanship that many organisations loose as they expand.

Handcrafting digital products since time immemorial, we are forerunners at the frontline of digital media. And we are, as always, available for any task, no matter how challenging.

We invite you to send us an email, follow us on our various social channels or even drop by the office for coffee or the odd cup of green tea.

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What we do
A feature on our services, as a digital agency, in case you're interested in hiring us.


Websites have evolved to far more than a simple group of webpages to channels of marketing, communication and information. Websites today have to be responsive – mobile capable – and socially capable – connected with a brand's social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, to mention but a few. We build awesome websites that are far more than webpages – let us build yours.


Mobile – and tablet – apps are all the rage today, and rightly so. We help design and develop beautiful apps that work well on multiple platforms – Android, iOS and Windows.





Blogs are a key component of each and every website, a way through which a company can reach customers by providing valuable insight and information. Today, all successful companies use blogs. Do you?

 Digital Marketing

Combining each and every one of our services is digital marketing – which includes internet marketing and far more. Many brands today invest a sizeable portion of their marketing budget into digital media and the internet – to profitable results. Let us help you market your product and service on the internet and digital platforms.

 Web Applications

Enterprises are shifting to web applications, run in the cloud. Having worked on websites, the internet and servers (read cloud) for many years, we are ideally positioned in not only developing web–based applications that run on servers in the cloud but also offer a range of services typical to an IT company. We have also partnered with IT firms to offer better and broader services in this area.


 Social Media

Social media has become a primary – and business critical – means of reaching existing and potential customers. Social media is also no longer just about Facebook or Twitter but about many more channels – Google+, Pinterest, Instagram et al. We help companies manage their social media and build effective strategies.


 Web Strategy

Web strategy encompasses a wide range of website - and internet - relevant services and solutions, including website creation, website design, website development, website management, user interface design, usability, user experience, internet marketing, web presence management and email.



Design is crucial – in websites, mobile apps and marketing. We therefore offer a number of design services for digital and even print media. We also work closely with a creative design agency to ensure that everything we create is beautiful, elegant and usable.



 Brand Strategy

Brand strategy encompasses a wide range of services and we assist brands in incorporating their web strategy into their brand strategy, to ensure more successful campaigns. We also offer a wide range of branding and corporate identity services, in partnership with a creative agency.

  Everything else web/digital!

Any other services related to the web or digital media, we provide. Feel free to contact us to discuss projects of any nature or size.

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